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Testosterone - The Key to Male Performance, and Quite Possibly, the Fountain of Youth

Testosterone is a hormone that travels in the bloodstream and controls numerous male characteristics including SEXUAL characteristics. A man's level of testosterone directly affects the following areas of his health: - Sex drive, erectile function and sperm production - Muscle mass, bone density and bone marrow development - Hair growth - Heart health - Mental focus, cognitive response - Immune system - Energy!

Testosterone production declines naturally with age and is referred to as low testosterone or testosterone deficiency (TD). TD can also be caused by disease or damage to the hypothalamus, pituitary gland or testicles, and drug abuse (steroids). Depending on age, low testosterone levels can lead to abnormalities in muscle and bone development, underdeveloped genitalia, and decreased vigor and sexual drive. Starting at age 30, the body's levels of testosterone decline by approximately 1% every year. By age 50 or so, a man may have lost a full 20% of his total testosterone. It's a natural process in men that can affect both physical and mental performance and lower energy levels. Testosterone must be kept in fine balance as it plays a role in mood, energy, weight and sex drive, but what most people do not know is that the body consists of both FREE testosterone and BOUND testosterone. Free testosterone, travels in the bloodstream without being bound to anything. Other testosterone are bound to various types of protein molecules, one being the sex hormone binding globulin or SBHG. In simple words, because the testosterone is bound to another substance, it is NOT ACTIVE. I.E., it cannot react with something else and thus, it DOES NOT PERFORM the role of testosterone hormones. Free testosterones are not bound to any substance and are thus actually free to use by your body, whenever needed performing the job it is designed to do (helping build muscle, stronger sex drive). FREE testosterone is ACTIVE whereas bound testosterone is inactive.

HERE'S THE PROBLEM MEN ….98% of the testosterone in your body is BOUND, leaving only 2% FREE and ACTIVE.1 MAXODERM'S fast-acting formula has been designed to increase testosterone levels naturally in healthy me. Almost 2/3 (65%) of the testosterone in the bloodstream is bound to sex hormone-binding Globulin (SHBG), while the remaining 1/3 is bound to a protein called Albumin. Only 2% of the testosterone in the bloodstream is free to supercharge our brains, blood, muscles, sex-lives and all other things associated with testosterone.

MAXODERM'S PATENT-PENDING MALE ENHANCEMENT FORMULA contains a proprietary mixture of natural compounds, specially formulated in a unique delivery system that help improve blood flow and testosterone levels in order to promote better male performance and overall health. The active ingredients in MAXODERM include the exclusive and clinically tested Total Testosterone Activation system, a non-prohormone, all-natural test activator that is safe, and, thus far in initial trials, has been shown to enhance sex drive and increase energy among other benefits. Pre-clinical and case studies performed have shown this total testosterone system helps increase testosterone levels dramatically depending on the subject's age - the older the subject, the better the results. The MAXODERM formulation also includes key ingredients shown to improve overall male health, the cardiovascular system for better blood flow and bioavailability, as well as ingredients clinically shown to improve sexual performance, stamina, energy and endurance.